Our most sought-after crayon, the SUPERMARK crayon is used across the United States & beyond...for marking on rubber surfaces. Designed to be the perfect crayon for marking on PVC, EPDM & TPO, this crayon is widely used in the roofing industry due to its durability, high melting point and its resistance to running or spreading...even in the hottest of climates. Used by the largest tire manufacturers, roofing companies and a variety of industrial leaders, the SUPERMARK crayon exceeds expectations.  


SUPER EARTHMARK crayons are an economic alternative to the high-quality Supermark crayons. They are also designed specifically for marking on PVC, EPDM & TPO, and they are offered in white and a rich mustard yellow that shows well on a variety of colors. Slightly softer than the Supermark crayon, the SUPER EARTHMARK is designed to write well and resist running under hot temperatures. Ideal for roofers and anyone needing to mark on rubber who is budget conscious. 


EARTHMARK READY All-Purpose crayons are perfect for almost all industrial applications. Made with a softer wax and offered in 11 colors, Earthmark Ready crayons will write on just about any surface, leaving a bright, vibrant mark. Used widely in the packaging industry, EARTHMARK READY crayons are an economic alternative to permanent markers because they last longer and are more affordable. EARTHMARK READY crayons are so versatile that many roofers purchase these crayons for their variety of color choices to use on PVC, EPDM & TPO. There really is no limit to the possibilities with EARTHMARK READY crayons. 


Our highest-quality lumber crayon, the ELSON crayon stands up in superiority to its competitors. Leaving a bright, smooth, clear mark...this lumber crayon will fill gaps in wood grain for a vibrant and legible mark. The ELSON line of crayons is a durable and strong crayon with a hard keel, and it will write on a variety of surfaces, whether hard or soft, wet or dry.

4-3/4" x 1/2" Hexagon  



A high-quality lumber crayon that is a more economic option than our Elson lumber crayon.  The BUXALL has a bit of a softer keel, so it works wonderfully on any surface, but it writes particularly well on a smooth one. Like the Elson, the BUXALL crayon is loaded with pigment and every mark is bright and vibrant on a variety of surfaces.

4-3/4" x 1/2" Hexagon



The STEELMARK CRAYON can be used on hot, cold, rough or polished metal, making it a versatile and useful tool in any shop. STEELMARK CRAYONS will write on a metal surface up to 800 F, and the mark will remain legible up to 1200 F. This crayon is designed to be durable, long-lasting and strong.

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